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Ad Extensions

Extra loads of information that are added to your ads to help you create a more attractive ad which will result more on-page real estate and off course higher CTR !


Program where we’ll place your ads to appear on Google search, Youtube and other Google ad network sites.


Ratio of how many times the ad was clicked on versus how many times it was shown.


The amount of money spent to acquire a lead or customer, depending on your business.


The exact amount of money spent for a click on an ad.

Conversion Rate

The rate of how many visitors of a website complete their journey until the predefined goal is met.

Digital Marketing

Marketing on digital platforms, divided in specialised marketing practices as SEO, CRO, web design, blogging, PPC and many more.

Display Ads

Different formats as images, flash, video, audio can be displayed over the display network. Everything you know as banner ads.

Facebook Advertising

Reach your audience through the Facebook ad network. The vast demographic information Facebook provides is valuable to pin-point towards your key audience.


A word or phrase which signifies a piece of content. Customers type in a keyword in search engines which entitles the need for great processes in SEO and PPC to find your customers right where they are in need of your product.


A.k.a. Retargeting, a paid ad where you can show ads to customers who have already visited your website.


The term for where your website appears in search engine results.


Return On Ad Spend is a metric that shows the profit made versus the amount of money spent on ads.


A kind of ad extension that appears just below the main ad copy with specific links to a page on the website.

Quality Score

Rating of how relevant your ad copy, expected click-through rate and landing page is for the ad auction it is entering in.



Wondering what all those abbreviations and buzzword really mean?

Check out our explanations below!